Hangar 18 Orange County Fairgrounds

Costa Mesa, CA

This entertainment venue’s hangar shape required strong support and minimal construction costs, and JRMA’s structural engineering services brought both to the project. The roof trusses can securely hold heavy lights, sound equipment, and exhibition items as big as cars, ensuring visitor safety. The clear span, indicative of a real hangar’s construction, keeps the floor clear while a field-bolted framing system and balanced roof trusses keep the structure sound. A value engineering process kept the costs down thanks to these features.

JRMA was also responsible for the fascia arch along the top of the building, the gridded canopies over the large sliding door at the front of The Hangar, and the pedestrian entrances along the side, ensuring the entertainment center maintained its hangar look while being a practical and cost-efficient location for concerts, exhibitions, and more.


Project Facts
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
Completion: 2009
Site Area: 150 AC
Total Building Area: 31,000 SF
Service Type: Architectural Design, Structural Engineering