This year, JRMA was fortunate to participate in our local Orange County Canstruction “competition”. Canstruction, Inc. ( was founded in 1992 by the Society for Design Administration (SDA). I use the term “fortunate” because very few events combine such high levels of fun, interest and public service.

According to the Canstruction website, “Since its inception, Canstruction has grown to become one of the largest and most consistent canned food contributors to food banks in the world. Canstruction events have been held in over 150 cities worldwide donating nearly 40 million pounds of food to feed the hungry”.

This alone would be good reason to participate, but for an architectural and engineering firm, an opportunity to demonstrate our creativity, ingenuity, organizational skills and passion in a “competition” and then have our work displayed in a public setting for a month is extremely rewarding. I put the word “competition” in quotations because I never feel defeated if we don’t “win”. That’s because every entry is fantastic and inspirational, and they’re all winners considering the positive impact to reducing hunger.

In addition, there are many more positives for our company, especially the team spirit that is generated from bringing together team members from every part of the company. Everyone has a role, everyone makes a contribution, and everyone has fun – what a wonderful opportunity. Thank you, Canstruction!