Weber Metals, Inc.

Long Beach, CA

As the aerospace industry changes, Weber Metals, Inc. forges ahead, working to meet the evolving needs of its clients. In 2005, that resulted in a new facility being created to forge titanium and manufacture new products. JRMA designed a metal building system just for this purpose clad with architectural metal wall and translucent panels which provide natural lighting in the manufacturing area.

Inside the building sits all the technology and machinery necessary to modernize production, including a titanium forging press, furnaces, a mobile manipulator, and multiple crane systems to move materials. Staff areas providing offices, a kitchen, and new restrooms were also included. Outside of the building, JRMA planned and coordinated the relocation of the existing CO2 tank and ensured that the building would have adequate parking. 

Project Facts
Location: Long Beach, CA
Completion: 2005
Site Area: 27 AC
Total Building Area: 103,000 SF
Service Type: Architectural Design, Structural Engineering