Recology Tunnel Avenue Facility Modernization

San Francisco, CA

Recology San Francisco is seeking to consolidate, modernize, and streamline its operations across San Francisco, to make the operations more efficient and to meet the City’s zero waste goals. Part of this effort by Recology San Francisco includes collaborating with JRMA to make improvements to the 44-acre campus at 501 Tunnel Avenue.

These improvements include:

  • Expand the site’s existing solid waste transfer operations to include a 71,200 SF construction and demolition (C&D) processing facility and a 4,000 SF staff space.
  • Improve site circulation by enhancing the transitional area in the neighborhood and improving transfer facility loading capacity.
  • New and improved 80,600 SF fleet maintenance facilities.
  • New 55,600 SF administrative offices to consolidate current office operations and replace outdated office spaces at the Tunnel Avenue location.
  • Reduce surface area dedicated to parking by adding a parking garage for employees.
  • Relocate existing liquid natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations to improve fleet circulation.
  • Enhance the Tunnel Avenue streetscape to connect the sidewalk and improve the overall neighborhood.

JRMA Major Project Tasks

  • Capital Cost Estimate Phase: JRMA provided a design concept for the C&D, maintenance facility, administration building, and parking garage. The information and graphics were used to develop a capital cost estimate and were used by Recology San Francisco in their discussions with City officials. 
  • Preliminary Project Assessment (PPA) Phase: JRMA prepared conceptual design drawings for the PPA submittal to the City.
Project Facts
Location: San Francisco, CA
Completion: Ongoing
Site Area: 44 Acres
Total Building Area: 335,897 SF
Permitted Tonnage: 3,000 TPD