Monterey Regional Waste Management District Master Plan

Marina, CA

JRMA led a master planning effort that resulted in the completion of an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility in 2012, new vehicle maintenance (corporation yard) (i.e., vehicle parking; truck wash; compressed natural gas, or CNG, vehicle fueling; bin repair; vehicle maintenance; and administrative offices), and remodeled and expanded material recovery facility (MRF) operation.

The corporation yard is located on a previously undeveloped 11.58-acre portion of land at the landfill site. It consists of two single-story steel-framed structures with concrete masonry unit walls and metal panel exteriors, and one single-story masonry structure. The 7,200-square-foot office building houses an employee break area, restrooms, administrative offices, a conference/training room, and a customer service area. The 11,300-square-foot vehicle maintenance building contains six repair bays, an exterior employee break area, restrooms, storage, electrical room, and storage for parts and tires. There is also a 5,000-square-foot truck wash/welding building with a drive-through truck wash, a welding bay, a bin wash bay, and a bay for a future paint booth.

The site has parking for employees and collection vehicles, with approximately 60 CNG time-fill stations as well as four fast-fill dispensers for trucks. In mid-2017, the corporation yard was occupied by Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD) and served as the home base of operations for the local franchise hauler.

JRMA completed a feasibility study and site master plan to install an integrated mixed-waste and comingled recyclables processing system. The plan resulted in retrofitting the existing MRF, which saved an estimated $8 million for new structures. JRMA also managed the procurement process for selecting the vendor and completed the design package to retrofit the existing building. The MRWMD system was designed to process 20,000 tons per year (TPY) of comingled and 80,000 TPY of municipal solid waste. It included a new construction and demolition (C&D) processing line. In total, over 60% of the material processed will be recovered or diverted, including over 30,000 TPY of mixed organics to be processed in the small-scale AD system.

Project Facts
Location: Marina, CA
Completion: 2017
Site Area: 11.58 Acres
Total Building Area: 100,000 SF
Permitted Tonnage: 1,500 TPD
Service Type: Master Plan, new corporation yard, MRF retrofit
LEED Certification: Projected for LEED Certification 
Operational Benefits: 
Reduced number of sorting labor for processing C&D waste from 24 to 9 sorters.
Provided added stalls for self-haul to upload. 
New facilities support the District in meeting recycling goals.
Reduced disposed tons to save operational expenses. 
Master plan accommodates future expansion of MRF and new AD system to produce CNG for fueling collection feet.
  • 2019 APWA Project of the Year for Environmental Projects Greater than $5 M