MastersFoods/Mars Petcare/Kal Kan

Vernon, CA

For 33 years, JRMA has worked with MasterFoods USA, formerly Kal Kan, to ensure the most efficient and long-lasting facilities for the company’s pet food production in Vernon. As a part of over 100 projects, JRMA has designed and engineered new buildings, renovations, and upgrades necessary to the complex’s upkeep, always supporting the goals of MasterFoods.

For one such project, JRMA offered conceptual architectural design services for a new Wellness Center that created a medical therapy room, multi-purpose and conference rooms, and a lobby area for employees. Our design services also created the Pet Food Development Kitchen and Conference Room, as well as improved workspaces in the Research and Development area of the Vernon pet food facility.

When MasterFoods wanted to produce pet food in foil pouches, JRMA stepped in to create a concrete tilt-up building that provided the company with a mezzanine and foundations for the necessary equipment. Meat transfer was improved with modifications to the meat processing plant and a new conveyor and conveyor bridge.

Finally, to accommodate the Vernon production facility’s growth, JRMA designed a new food service and dining area to serve 100 employees at a time. This remodel and addition provided upper level dining and lower level staff locker and restroom facilities to improve the employee experience at the facility.

Project Facts
Location: Vernon, CA
Completion: 1983-2005
Site Area: 14.7 AC
Service Type: Architectural Design, Structural Engineering