Deschutes Solid Waste Management Plan

Deschutes, OR

JRMA has recently completed the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) for Deschutes County. The County owns most of the facilities and operates the scale houses, while certain operations are contracted with private franchised haulers. The SWMP presents a comprehensive assessment of the current recycling and transfer station system to determine the improvements necessary to meet immediate as well as long term services. It also evaluates the long-term disposal options including alternative technologies to provide services when the Knott Landfill, the current in-county facility, closes in approximately 10 years. The long-term disposal options include siting a new in-county landfill versus the cost to long haul to regional sites. To prepare the SWMP, the County established a Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC). JRMA met with SWAC regularly to review all elements of the SWMP as they were prepared and developed a consensus on recommendations. JRMA completed an evaluation of the transfer station system and prepared concept plans for retrofitting the facilities. The SWMP was completed in April 2019.

Related Activities

  • Completed systemwide evaluation of recycling and disposal options.
  • Conducted presentations to SWAC and elected officials at public meetings.
  • Completed transfer station redevelopment plan.
Project Facts
Location: Deschutes, OR
Completion: 2020

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