Contracting Options Analysis and Management

Mountain View, CA
JRMA was hired to complete a contract options analysis study for the City of Mountain View to develop recommendations regarding its Collection Services Agreement, Landfill Disposal Agreement, and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Sunnyvale SMaRT Station. Based on the direction of the City Council, the current work is focused on managing all aspects of a contract negotiations process with its existing solid waste, recycling, and organics collection contractor. The work included modifications to the existing agreement, negotiating scope of service changes, analyzing proposed costs for new and modified services, and reviewing staff reports. New and modified services will address the pending implementation of California’s SB 1383 regulations.
On-going work includes supporting the City with its negotiations with the City of Sunnyvale SMaRT Station regarding a new MOU. The MOU is a long-term agreement between the two cities for the processing and disposal of solid waste, recyclables, and/or organics that will be delivered to the SMaRT Station, a transfer station and processing facility located in Sunnyvale, CA. To date, work has included analyzing an extensive capital improvement plan document prepared by the City of Sunnyvale, reviewing a term sheet regarding a future MOU, and advising on potential changes to the Operating Agreement for the SMaRT Station. 
Project Facts
Location: Mountain View, CA
Completion: Ongoing

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