JRMA Cares

JRMA Cares was created to find ways the talents and resources of our team can be harnessed to give back to and have the greatest impact on our local communities. The JRMA Cares Hub creates an environment in which all voices are heard and valued as we all work together to fund nonprofit organizations and volunteer our time, thereby increasing diversity within our team.
Joanna Vasquez
Engineering Research
Marketing Assistant
Brea, California
Martha Szekley
Accounting Manager
Brea, California

Martha has always had a love for accounting. As the Director of Finance with over 30 years’ experience in the accounting profession, Martha continues her efforts supporting the financial health and workplace environment leadership to JRMA. Martha provides key performance indicators monthly to the leadership team to help with the planning and execution of future growth goals for the company.

Martha has had experience in the HR profession with prior employers and is now a key player for the HR functions with JRMA.


Brea, California

As a Principal Architect and President of JRMA Dan provides leadership, focus and direction for the firm.  Dan also directs the aviation market sector with a specialty in all aspects of general aviation and is an advocate for the industry through professional organizations including NATA, NBAA, and AAAE.  With over 30 years of experience with JRMA, Dan has provided innovative, sustainable, value-based and operationally efficient designs for all aspects of JRMA’s core work including aviation facilities, solid waste and recycling operations, manufacturing, food processing, technology production facilities, rail assembly and operations, energy, and general commercial.  As a LEED AP with a specialty in building design and construction, Dan ensures that the firm’s work adheres to its ongoing efforts in sustainable design and is at the forefront of the industry. 


Senior Project Architect, Associate
Brea, California

As a Senior Project Architect and Director of Operations at JRMA, Richard provides a depth of knowledge of the firm’s culture and operations at all levels. Joining the firm in 2001, Richard has spent the majority of his career with JRMA, progressing from project manager to associate during his tenure.  As a member of the aviation market sector team, he has specialized knowledge in design of all aspects of general aviation facilities. Throughout his career, Richard has also been involved in the design of solid waste facilities, food production facilities, metal buildings and concrete tilt-ups.  He manages the development of construction document packages for constructability and architectural quality, preparation of project schedules and budgets, and as a LEED AP he provides coordination of sustainable design projects including LEED and Cal Green. As the Director of Operations, Richard develops the culture and processes that assist in the efficiency of the key indicators necessary for the success of JRMA projects.  


Senior Project Manager, Associate
Brea, California

Mr. Rausch is a Senior Project Manager with over 24 years of experience managing a diverse number of commercial, industrial, and solid waste projects including conversion technologies. He has worked with JRMA for 13 years where he specializes in solid waste projects including retrofit/renovation, planning, design, new technology implementation, and site analysis. Kyle's knowledge on facility and operational requirements brings a depth of experience that complements JRMA’s solid waste sector clients. He is continually broadening solutions in the design, planning and project management of Solid Waste facilities. Additionally, he provides clients with long-term cost-effective alternatives. He currently has accreditations with the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) as a Construction Document Technician (CDT), is also a member of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and is currently pursuing accreditations for his Architecture Licensure in California and LEED® AP status.

Anita Sandoval
Administrative Assistant
Brea, California