Revit Users

The Revit Users Hub focuses on efficiency and best practices for use within the company. The unique projects that JRMA works on require a unique approach to how we use the platform. This hub is open to all levels of users with a focus on training and ongoing development.

Jaime Paredes
BIM Manager
Brea, California
H. Matthew Mauz
Gulf Coast Project Representation, Associate
Structural Production Manager
Houston, Texas

Starting in the industry as a Pre-Engineered Metal Building detailer and then moving into structural steel detailing, Matthew started with JRMA as a structural drafter and has worked up to an associate production manager. With 25 years in the industry his background in steel and metal buildings translates directly to our market sectors of solid waste, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities.

Serving as the office manager and local representative in the Houston area, he has been instrumental in JRMA's growth and increase in market share.  Being with JRMA for 20 years, he is known for providing our clients with high quality architectural and structural drawings that reflect local codes and trends.  Furthermore, Matthew reviews and coordinates the Structural and Architectural drawings prior to issuing for Client review at all milestone submittals as well as prior to Agency and plan check submittals.


Sarah Smith, AIA
Project Architect
Brea, California
Junior Carbajal
CAD/BIM Specialist
Portland, Oregon
Cameron Nichols
CAD Manager
Graphic Modeler
Houston, Texas
Senior Project Architect
Brea, California