Transforming Organic Waste into Energy in Kern County

Press Release November 28, 2023

Brea, CA (November, 28, 2023) – JRMA (J. R. Miller & Associates), a leading architectural, engineering, and planning firm specializing in the design of solid waste and recycling transfer stations, materials recovery facilities (MRFs), and anaerobic digestion/biogas plants (AD), is excited to announce its selection as a key partner for a transformative project in collaboration with WastAway (see WastAway) and Kern County. This project aims to revolutionize waste management for Kern County by turning organic waste into a valuable clean fuel commodity which will help Kern meet California requirements regarding landfill diversion.

Through its contract with WastAway, Kern County is taking a significant step forward in sustainable waste management practices, and JRMA is honored to be awarded the opportunity to contribute to this noteworthy project. JRMA will work with WastAway and its technology vendors to refine the conceptual plant design and then serve as Architect and Engineer of Record for the remainder of the project. JRMA’s contributions will help pave the way for the successful implementation of this groundbreaking endeavor.

WastAway’s and Kern County's innovative approach to waste-to-energy aligns with JRMA's mission to provide “Solutions to Sustain a Living World. For further information about this exciting project, please visit the following link: Kern examines ways to turn trash into energy treasure | News |

About JRMA:

JRMA Architects & Engineers (J. R. Miller & Associates) is an architectural, engineering, and planning firm headquartered in Brea, CA. With over forty years of experience, JRMA offers comprehensive services for the planning and design of processing facilities, including solid waste and recycling, organics recovery, renewable energy, aviation, industrial, and food processing. The firm's projects prioritize cost-effectiveness, operational excellence, and sustainable design features. With offices in Brea, CA; Portland, OR; San Carlos, CA; Houston, TX; and Lexington, KY, JRMA comprises a team of 70 employees dedicated to delivering innovative and impactful solutions.

About WastAway:

WastAway is a Tennessee-based integrated processing systems provider that achieves up to 90% diversion of garbage and food waste from landfills by converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to recycled materials plus a clean, environmentally friendly solid fuel that replaces coal in industrial operations such as kilns.   WastAway’s patented processing technology and SE3™ Fuel product also currently are being implemented in conjunction with anerobic digestion to produce highly marketable Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).  WastAway projects are designed to provide both environmental and financial benefits, while assuring  municipalities control of their waste management future.

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