Metro Awards On-Call A/E Services Contract

Press Release November 08, 2021

Portland, OR (November 8, 2021) JRMA (J. R. Miller & Associates), a leading architectural and engineering firm specializing in the design of solid waste recycling and transfer stations, materials recovery facilities (MRFs), and anaerobic digestion/biogas plants (AD), is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the On-Call Architectural and Engineering by Metro in Portland, Oregon at the Metro Solid Waste Transfer Stations.

JRMA will complete various on-call work in all of Metro’s transfer stations. The nature of on-call contracts requires consultants to be responsive, flexible, and available to perform a wide range of professional tasks. Under this contract, Metro staff may call JRMA for consultant services as needed, to assist staff in planning, conceptual design, preliminary design, final design, and emergency repairs. Work assignments may occur at any time during the life of the contract and the nature of the work required may vary.

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