JRMA Partners with Herrera on Richland Solid Waste Organics Processing Feasibility Study

Press Release May 16, 2024

Portland, OR (May 16, 2024) JRMA (J. R. Miller & Associates), a leading architectural, engineering, and planning firm specializing in the design of solid waste and recycling transfer stations, materials recovery facilities (MRFs), and anaerobic digestion/biogas plants (AD), is pleased to announce its partnership with Herrera Environmental Consultants, the awarded contractor for the City of Richland’s Solid Waste Organics Processing Feasibility Study. This project, as mandated by the recent changes to Washington State Law, RCW 70A.205, is a significant step forward in evaluating the technical and financial feasibility of expanding organic solid waste collection and processing services in Richland.

Herrera, known for its comprehensive environmental solutions, will lead the feasibility study that aims to align with Washington State’s enhanced sustainability standards. This collaboration will capitalize on JRMA’s extensive expertise in architectural and structural engineering, particularly in organics recycling and waste management technologies.

The project includes a thorough review of existing facilities, waste characterization studies, and the development of alternative collection and processing programs designed to meet the new regulatory requirements. The study will also consider the financial strategies needed to support the expansion of these vital services.

The Richland Solid Waste Organics Processing Feasibility Study is a key component of the city’s strategy to increase its capacity for organic waste management services. By collaborating with Herrera, JRMA is at the forefront of supporting Richland in becoming a model city for providing cost effective and environmentally sustainable solutions to reducing the disposal of organic waste per Washington state law.

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