JRMA Partnered with SCS Awarded Project for Development of Engineering Plans for Potential Sonoma County Compost Site

Press Release March 26, 2024

Brea, CA (March 26, 2024) – SCS, a leading provider of engineering and environmental services, has partnered with JRMA for a project in Sonoma County, California involving the development of engineering concept plans for a potential compost site.

The project will encompass crucial elements such as efficient traffic management and zero discharge strategies. JRMA, alongside its consultants, will strategically coordinate the site layout to optimize traffic flow and building placement.

The proposed 20,000 sf receiving building prioritizes pre-processing needs, vehicle maneuverability, and sustainability by integrating solar panels and energy-efficient equipment. The design process for post-processing and compost curing bunkers emphasizes material volumes, equipment choices, and sustainability, with a focus on natural daylighting, recycled content, and adherence to energy codes.

In collaboration with SCS, JRMA will lead the coordination of the site layout, ensuring an efficient traffic flow and strategic placement of building components. Their expertise will encompass research on local agency requirements, analysis of soil reports, and consideration of existing property documentation, landfill, and airport data to inform building locations and designs. JRMA's commitment to quality and innovative design will significantly contribute to the project's overall success.

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