JRMA Awarded Contract for the City of Tacoma Solid Waste Facility Master Plan

Press Release February 23, 2023

Portland, OR (February 23, 2023 ) JRMA (J. R. Miller & Associates), a leading architectural, engineering, and planning firm specializing in the design of solid waste and recycling transfer stations, materials recovery facilities (MRFs), and anaerobic digestion/biogas plants (AD), is pleases to announce that they have been awarded a contract by the City of Tacoma, Washington to prepare a facility master plan for a 235-acre municipal site. 

JRMA is tasked with developing a clear vision and plan for future improvements to the Recovery and Transfer Center (RTC) and end-use options to transform a closed landfill into a true community asset. The master plan will drive the necessary infrastructure improvements to meet the 70% waste diversion goal established in the City’s 2015 Sustainable Materials Management Plan and help address sustainability targets and action plans found in the City’s 2016 Environmental Action Plan. Most critically, the master plan will be based on extensive stakeholder engagement through a series of briefings, workshops, and touchpoints. The JRMA team has extensive experience with the City of Tacoma working on a previous facility master plan, the design of the RTC, and participation in the 2015 Sustainable Materials Management Plan.

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