Tacoma Processing System

Tacoma, WA

After a successful pilot project to process food waste at Tacoma’s Waste Water Treatment Plant, the City was ready to compare their batch feed approach with other options, particularly a continuous feed system. JRMA was hired to evaluate available alternatives to feed food waste into the DODA® process unit. Based on this evaluation, the City decided on a walking floor conveyor that would allow for adjustable speeds. Once the system was chosen, JRMA created a final design for all of the upgrades necessary to the site and developed equipment procurement specifications, as well as offering support services during construction.

With the site now completed at the Tacoma Recovery & Transfer Center, food waste is piped directly to the sanitary sewer, eliminating truck transport, and the DODA® unit is directly fed. This system offers the City of Tacoma a greener and more efficient Waste Water Treatment Plant and food waste processing system.

Project Facts
Location: Tacoma, WA
Completion: 2015
Site Area: 1 AC
Total Building Area: 600 SF
Processing Capacity: 2 TPH
Service Type: Master Planning, Architectural Design, Structural Engineering