Modular Buildings

Various Locations

The modular building industry continues to develop and expand into markets traditionally known for utilizing site-built approaches.   JRMA has worked on projects that redefine the modular structure from a temporary, flimsy box to permanent, structurally sound buildings without increasing the bottom line.  With the improvement in building quality and scheduling advantages, we see the modular industry continue to grow. 

In the educational sector, the portable shelters scattered on school and municipal campuses across the country continue to be a liability for their occupants. Designed to provide short-term shelter, they are often used well past their design life, exposing occupants to poor air quality and other hazards. In addition, these buildings waste energy, often representing a cash drain to an organization struggling to become energy-efficient.

JRMA has partnered with builders to create a solution to the "portable problem." Our structures are built to last as long as an ordinary building, cutting demolition costs and eliminating hazards resulting from rapid building dilapidation. Our team has also multiplied the possibilities for building appearance and functionality. Storefront windows, energy-efficient daylighting, and even two and three-floor structures are all available features.

Perhaps the most exciting news about these buildings is that they are so inexpensive. They can often be built for half the price of a comparable conventional structure. The savings are primarily the result of streamlined manufacturing techniques and structural engineering solutions that make it possible to efficiently fabricate the building off-site for rapid assembly on-site. Specific building options include wood, light gauge, or steel framed construction.  A variety of different roof types have been incorporated into projects including monoslope, gable, barrel, parapet, or clearstory. Floor types have included wood or concrete-filled metal deck while foundations have been designed to be pit-set or slab on grade.

Cost efficiency is a key factor when considering any modular application.  JRMA has participated in the design of projects for commercial, industrial, and municipal uses and can provide an immediate benefit when considering any custom-designed solution.