EDCO Ramona Disposal Transfer Station & MRF

Ramona, CA

EDCO’s Ramona Disposal Service needed a multi-use facility that could serve as a drop-off facility for self-hauled trash, a buy-back center for consumer bottles and cans, a transfer station for their own collection vehicles, a recycling processing area, a maintenance facility, and offices. JRMA designed a building and yard that could meet all of those needs on a compact 8 acre site. The facility handles 700 tons of material per day.

The architectural design includes elements that are reminiscent of ranches typical in the Southwest and appropriate for this rural setting. Drought-tolerant plantings surround the front and side of the building, while a block wall and fencing provide screening for the operational areas.

Project Facts
Location: Ramona, CA
Completion: 2005
Site Area: 8 AC
Total Building Area: 16,800 SF
Service Type: Architectural Design, Structural Engineering