EBMUD Facility Master Planning

Oakland, CA

Through contracts with Harvest Power and Recology, East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) planned to add green waste and food waste processing capabilities to its Oakland wastewater treatment plant. JRMA joined the team to provide site planning, traffic circulation planning, and a conceptual design for the processing areas and equipment layout.

The project included a pre-processing building and a digestate management building. The pre-processing building would house equipment to handle organic waste before it goes through transformation, as well as a shipping area to load bins. The digestate management building would store the material left behind after processing in order to transform it into useful material. In order to accommodate the variety of trucks that enter the facility, JRMA created a loading area that can service even end dump trucks. Both buildings would be located at East Bay Municipal Utility District’s existing site and would take advantage of available digester capacity to process organics and create renewable natural gas (RNG).

Project Facts
Location: Oakland, CA
Completion: 2016
Site Area: 2.7 AC
Total Building Area: 25,305 SF
Service Type: Planning and Conceptual Designs